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Qi Gong and friends at Raw Soul..

on Sunday, 10/8/06

Breakfast- 9 black plums

Lunch- a large home made almond milk, date, banana, carob smoothie

Dinner- at Raw Soul, a glass of rejuvelac, side of chilli,  2/3 personal pizza, barbecue burger, 3 drop biscuits, 1 slice berry lovers cheesecake

I expected to arrive at Raw Soul late in the afternoon and to have a quiet meal just before they closed but as it turned out that was not on the menu!  I was glad to see Mia and Eilon Mass who I sat with and talked about having raw pets, salt, and staying raw.  Lillian and Eddie are back from Ireland.  Ireland must have rubbed off on Lillian because without meaning to, she was dressed in green!  Also going on was a lecture on Qi Gong by Dr. Robert Woodbine of the San Bao Holistic Center.

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