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Seasonal raw eating...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Breakfast- 3/4 lbs. large cherry tomatoes, sliced, 1 medium tomato, chopped, three tablespoons tahini, 1/2 teaspoon dulse flakes

Lunch- 5 ripe persimmons with the flesh scooped out and mixed with 1 large chopped apple, 1/4 cup chopped pecans, handful of moist shredded coconut, 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds

Dinner- 2 Avocados, 1/2 cup cashews

As I was eating breakfast, I smiled to myself, this was not the traditional breakfast that I grew up with. The best part was the savory soup at the bottom of the bowl after I had eaten the tomatoes -tomato juice, tahini and dulse. This year, now practically passed, I've been aware of having a great taste for tomatoes and I've just gone with it and eaten a lot of them. I perceive this as my body letting me know what it needs, and whatever it is, its in tomatoes.

Lunch was scrumptious. I love eating what nature provides seasonally; every month has a new treat. As I remember this past year has been a sequence of mangos, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, cucumbers, oh yes, there was fresh corn, apricots, apples, persimmon, and I'll be eating oranges soon. There's always other foods mixed in, the raw staples and restaurant foods that are available year round.

By the way, eating three raw meals a day and no snacks is still working really well for me.

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 11:58AM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments2 Comments | References1 Reference

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Reader Comments (2)

I'm so glad you're "back" and posting again! I know what you mean about eating towards your body's cravings (and that's what's so great about being 100% raw...it's always healthy! Before I went raw, it would've been for chocolates and greasy chips). I've been on the tomato wagon myself lately, but here in South Africa, they only sell two types of tomatoes....the flavourless produced-in-a-greenhouse-and-
sprayed-with-pesticides-until-it's-practically-dead "salad" tomato, and beautiful, tasty IMPORTED Italian roma tomatos that taste like REAL tomatos, but cost a fortune. Nevertheless, I indulged for a while. Thankfully, my new craving is for raw baby red cabbage (for the past week I've eaten it for brunch and supper every day!!) AND it's affordable AND it's organic! I think people in the U.S. are really fortunate to have the range of organic produce available to them that they do, and from what I've seen, at a fraction of the costs we have to pay here for the scant few products which are organic. The government exports most of our own beautiful produce to the U.K. and Germany, and imports sub-standard produce from the East. How sad that money becomes more important than the nutritious feeding of a nation...
November 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJuanita
Thank you for reminding us all of what we have to be thankful for. By the way I had tomatoes for breakfast again today!
November 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterStephen

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