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Laid up but not laid out!

I had Foot Surgery yesterday.  A great podiatrist, Dr. Paul Greenberg (www.belvederepodiatry.com), straightened out two toes that were deformed after unsuccessful surgery performed when I was 13 years old.  Upon examining me, Dr. Paul commented that surgery shouldn't have been performed on my still growing 13 year old toes.  I concur!

I consciously chose to eat lighter foods yesterday prior to out-patient surgery; he used only local anesthesia.  For breakfast I ate 7 Honey Tangerines and for lunch I ate 4 very large sweet Navel Oranges.

The Surgery went well.  Last night, I didn't feel hungry, but being a person with "food issues" it made sense to me to eat something so that I don't trigger some feeling of deprivation and a struggle with wanting to binge.  That's not ideal from a Natural Hygiene perspective but I decided to compromise with it. 

Dinner was 3 sweet navel oranges, sliced and mixed with 1/2 cup shreddded coconut and 1/2 cup of walnuts. I ate it, felt satisfied and it was over with.


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