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Don't tell your parents...

Dinner- 8 Honey tangerines

I've really enjoyed the food I've eaten this week.  It's been simple, and easy to prepare.  Not too many greens though.  A friend of mine offered to grocery shop for me since I am recuperating from foot surgery.  I asked for greens, just in time for Saint Patrick's day.


If you were a college student whose parents were footing the bill, would you tell them that you're taking a class about foraging the urban landscape for wild edible raw foods?  I love hearing about stuff like this.  A raw foodist in Arizona, Matt LeShure, is going to give two classes at ASU in Tempe, "How to forage in Tempe" and "The Living Foods Diet."  Apparently there is an abundance of edible raw food in Tempe.  This reminds me of the "freegans" of NYC; they only eat free edible food (not raw) that has been thrown away.  This is true and they are not homeless!

Seriously, though, the foraging idea is appealing.  Matt makes a meaningful point, "People might have to search harder, but when there's fruit rotting on the ground, and we're going to the store to buy food that took extra energy to produce and transport, that's not right." Our supply of wholesome fresh raw vegan food is essential to our future.  We've got to protect it and also find new alternatives to the traditional "Super" market.  I like the idea of a U.S.A. landscaped from ocean to ocean with edible fruit and nut trees and luscious vegetables and flowers.  Why not? 




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