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I ate well at the potluck dinner...

Breakfast- 8 Honey tangerines

The Raw Health and Happiness Society had their second raw organic potluck social yesterday.  The food was delicious- homemade "raw" Zucchini bread and apricot jam, squash pasta casserole, orange/sunflower seed salad, sesame cabbage, and lots of beautiful fresh fruit and salad.  Linda Creamer, the actress, went wild over the orange/sunflower seed salad; she seemed incredulous that I could have made such a delicious dish!

There were three alumni of the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, www.annwigmore.org/programs, and one of them, Michelle, is returning there for 10 days beginning Tuesday.  I have never heard anyone say anything negative about that place-  Raw foods, yoga, education, the beach!  

As the potluck began I talked about the importance of Community (see essays and articles).  It is essential that we nurture our raw community and involve ourselves in it so that the truths that we discover can be reinforced and shared with others.  There are so many sick and suffering people that could receive untold benefit from learning about and living a raw food lifestyle.

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