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Is that really raw?

Thursday recap:

Breakfast- 5 DElicious large navel oranges

Lunch- Very large smoothie (almond milk, avocado, dates and spices)

Dinner- appetizer, Beet Coconut Noodle Pad Thai; entree, Wild Rice Mushroom Risotto w/marinated Dinosaur Kale & Portobello Truffle Foam; dessert, Bergamot Ice Cream Sunday w/candied Walnuts and Tangelo Compote

Yes, dinner was really raw and no, I didn't suddenly become a raw chef!  I went to dinner at Pure Food and Wine Restaurant, http://purefoodandwine.com/, and it seems like the food just keeps getting better, and thats awesome, considering that it's always been the best that raw cuisine can be.  All of us, Michael, Marissa (that's Mareeesa!) and Tom, agreed that the food was great.  The service was excellent; Pure Food and Wine has a smooth vibe and it just feels good being there.  If proprietor Sarma Melngailis had walked by our table she would have seen four beaming customers.  If this is raw, then I'm here to stay! 

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