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Too much fat makes me cranky...

Breakfast- 3 large Golden Delicious apples, 2 small Pink Lady apples

Lunch- 1 slice Ms. Lillian's Raw Organic Berry Cheesecake, www.rawsoul.com and 2 ripe avocados

Regarding lunch, the cheesecake tasted terrific and the avocados were that perfect creamy ripe consistency.  It was a lot of fat though.  Over time I've noticed that when I eat a lot of fatty raw food at one sitting I start to feel a little cranky.  I've noticed this effect with nuts as well as avocados.  Physiologically, I'm not sure why this happens; maybe the fat in the blood stream inhibits some other factor and it ends up causing me to feel cranky.  Can anyone explain this?

At dinner last night I had one small bite of Pure Food and Wine's chocolate ice cream and one small bite of the the chocolate hazelnut tort.  I felt a little speedy from the small amount of cacao and I didn't sleep as well as I usually do.  Life in the raw food fast lane surely makes you lose your "sleep!"

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