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Where is the organic produce...

Breakfast- 2 1/2 apples
Lunch- 9 navel oranges

I'm out on Long Island today and I went over to Trader Joes in Oceanside to pick up some fruit. For years, I've listened to people talk about how wonderful Trader Joes is, but I don't see it. Their produce section is small and there are very few selections of organic fruit. I'd rather support Bob's Natural Food Store in Long Beach because even though it's small, and they don't have a huge selection, they are committed to providing quality organic food. Bob's is not pretending to be something that it isn't. I feel resentful when businesses cultivate a hip earthy natural image that gives the illusion of providing healthy food, but when one truly examines what they offer, they come up clearly lacking.

The integrity of America's food supply is in peril. We must take responsibility for ourselves if we truly desire health. The Government and Corporate interests are concerned about maintaining the status quo and they do not want the public to understand how severely toxic conventionally grown produce is. In addition, there are tremendous forces assaulting the organic standards that have been set up to help us make health supporting decisions. We must vote with our dollars and demand with our loud voices that our appointed leaders protect the integrity of our food supply.

I give huge credit to the small stores like Bob's Natural Foods for doing what they can to provide truly healthy food.

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