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Breakfast- 6 Navel oranges

Over time, I've noticed that my moods are affected by the food I eat.  There's the obvious, that in the past, after a large cooked meal, I just wanted to keep to myself, stay away from people, sleep or focus on my work alone, be a couch potato....  Food has continued to have an effect on my moods even though I am eating only raw food.

As a raw vegan, it seems clear that I tend to feel depressed or sad when I don't eat enough or go too long without eating.  I ate lightly yesterday and I slept soundly last night and felt rested this morning.  I had an early appointment so I didn't eat breakfast until some time after I woke up.  As the morning unfolded before I ate, I became aware of feelings of sadness.  It is a very specific kind of sadness, free floating in nature, not attached to anything in particular.  I have felt it before, most notably when I am eating lightly, or having only juice for a day, or during a fruit only day when I go too long between meals.  I felt it this morning, but now having eaten some very sweet oranges a little while ago, I don't have the same feeling feeling of sadness; it has lifted.

Physiologists can probably explain the connection between food and moods,fruit and mood, or lack of food and mood.  I only know it from an experiential level.  I am confident that I feel better having eaten fruit than if I had eaten a bagel or some other typical morning food.  The feelings that one experiences when we shift to a raw food diet are new to us; we become more sensitive to the subtleties of our life experience.  For some newcomers to raw food, these new sensitivities are so uncomfortable that they go back to eating cooked.  I have one thing to say- Don't do it.  The passing discomforts of transitioning to raw far outweigh  the emotional sedation that results from eating cooked food.   

Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 12:03PM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments1 Comment

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Hi Stephen,

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work buddy.

I think I can relate. I've noticed this especially when fasting or when limiting carbohydrates. I don't necessarily feel sad, but I also don't feel good.

Once I start eating fruit again I feel almost giddy. I can tell you that I've felt horrible and had very little energy when I've tried doing the Atkins or the low carb version of the raw food diet.

Carbohydrates or sugar from fruit is our ideal fuel source. Fruit is happiness food.

There are other factors that could be happening as well. You might simply be getting in touch with some lingering emotions because your digestion is so light. It can also be detox of foods or toxins that when you initially ate them, they made you feel bad. They make you feel bad on the way out as well.

I know for myself I wouldn't feel sad under the conditions you described, because I would have enough reserve carbohydrate to keep me fueled. But if I extended the no eating to another day, then I wouldn't feel so good, because by then I would have used up my main carbohydrate stores.

Keep posting, Roger
March 28, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterRoger Haeske

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