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Who needs cacao...

(recap) Breakfast- 6 Navel oranges

Lunch- 24 oz almond milk smoothie consisting of freshly prepared almond milk, dates, banana, spices, raw carob powder

Dinner- 1 slice organic raw vegan Cheesecake Lovers cheesecake from Raw Soul, 1 large salad consisting of 1 head Romaine lettuce, 2 shredded carrots, fresh parsley and fresh dill

The smoothie was so smooth and creamy!  I have this new raw carob powder and it's absolutely the best.  I got it from Live Live.  It is very finely ground so that it's a true powder.  I haven't seen better anywhere. 

I tried using raw cacao beans some time ago and I stopped using them because they were so stimulating that I couldn't sleep.  I felt so disappointed; I am truly a former chocolate lover.  Today I was reading some really informative info on the Superbeing blog. Dr. Doug Graham and Frederic Patenaude both had responded with some extremely important information about cacao.  Who needs cacao?  Apparently no one!

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