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If it's good enough for dogs... and cats...

Breakfast- 5 mangos

Lunch- 9 Honey tangerines

Raw pet food keeps popping up.  I read about a holistic healing center, the Ki Center for Holistic Healing, whose founder, Bill Matthews,  a former firefighter began to treat pets in addition to people.  Bill is an advocate of the "BARF" (bones and raw food) diet for dogs.  I was disappointed when I looked at his web site and saw that his advocacy of a raw food diet stops with the dogs.  What about people Bill?  Shouldn't they be eating their biologically natural diet as well?  On the web, Bill's center seems nice enough, but it seems the perfect setting for some human raw food support activities.  Until we humans return to our correct diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, we will not have optimal health.  Who's walking who?

I found an in-depth article about raw foods in an odd place, a Tonkinese Cat site.  It has some solid scientific information about the effects of cooking our food.  It also describes, sometimes in too much detail (if you're at all squeamish), the diet of the Eskimo people before they became westernized.  It's fascinating information; I've just assumed the Eskimos ate raw blubber and salmon and that was it.  Apparently they had many other raw/fermented/decaying delicacies; in that context, the Eskimo diet makes sense.  I'll stick to my fruits and veggies, thank you.  However, I'm glad to see that these pet owners aren't limiting their discussion of raw foods to only their pets diets.   

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