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Simplify your life...

Breakfast- 16 dates

Lunch- 1 grapefruit, 4 large Navel oranges

Dinner- 1 1/2 lbs. Red Flame seedless grapes

My friend Robert, from Acting Consciously, left a message letting me know that he is placing a bulk order for fruit and produce and asked if I want to split it with him. Yes, I'm interested and I'll do it but it was late and I felt tired when I listened to the message and I felt slightly ho hum about it.  However, the ho hum feeling ended when Robert said what he's ordering, Cherimoya and Mangos, two of my favorite tropical fruits. 

Tonight, I had the second of two conversations with someone who's interested in trying out the raw food life.  I always feel rev'd up to talk about it.  I notice that people are amazed at how simple it can be.  It's so easy, "Just go raw," as artist Carol Pessin says.  Carol went 100% raw four years ago and she's never turned back and has no regrets.  Being a raw foodist can really simplify your life.  I love seeing people become excited about it. 

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