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Cooked food aromas are intoxicating...

Breakfast (recap)- 4 large Navel oranges

Lunch (recap)- 7 Honey tangerines

Dinner- 5 dates, 1 large head Romaine lettuce

I live in a 5 story apartment building and frequently when I walk up the stairs to my fourth floor apartment, I encounter intoxicating aromas from the food that my neighbors are cooking.  It's disconcerting; the aromas smell wonderful and they trigger memories of enjoying various cooked items.  However, when I let myself focus on the actual experience of eating those foods the reality is not so memorable.  Aside from the brief momentary pleasure of eating cooked food; I associate lethargy, depression, anti-social feelings with cooked food.  The pleasure is so brief but the discomfort lasts for hours and sometimes days.

Matthew Grace encourages people to stop and breathe deeply when they encounter the aromas of food being cooked.  Smell the pizza, the baked goods, the pasta sauce; learn to experience the aroma without having to eat the foods.  I've heard  what you're smelling is actually the life essence that is being cooked out of the food and released into the air.

On the topic of smells and aromas, there was a guest from Bermuda at the Raw Health and Happiness Society meeting tonight.  She says that the air on Bermuda has a wonderfully sweet aroma like nothing she has experienced anywhere else.  She is able to get raw food staples, greens and such, and there are avocado trees and loquats.  There is one organic farmer on the Island.  To me it sounds like a paradise just waiting for more raw foodists to arrive. 

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