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Take action or else...

Breakfast- 9 Honey tangerines

Lunch- 1 yellow plum, 2 large grapefruit, 1/4 cup walnuts, 5 kumquats

Dinner- 7 Medjool dates, 1 head Romaine lettuce 

Moriba, who is heading up the formation of a new uptown organic food cooperative sent out this information:  "Laws requiring labeling of mercury in fish, arsenic in H2O and other toxic chemicals in our foods and beverages are being shot down by Food Industry Lobbyists. Act now to stop this dangerous legislation.  Oppose any companion bill to H.R. 4167 and urge your senators to protect food safety laws at each level.
We can help. see the site below for more information about the issues and how to help us keep non-GMO foods out of our Food Systems!!!  http://www.nysage.org/.  Contact your senator through the Capital Switchboard at: 202-224-3121.  Read more at www.centerforfoodsafety.org and www.organicsonsumers.org."
There are powerful lobbyists who don't care about food safety and the consequences of consuming poisonous substances in our food.  Frequently these people are able to purchase the comforts and palliatives so that they manage the illnesses and discomforts that result from poisoning themselves.  Poor health, premature decline and serious illness become just a way of life to be coped with.  We must express our demands for pure food, water and air; we can not rely solely on our hope that others are looking out for our interests.  The honest labeling of food is essential for the continued safety of our food supply.
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