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Raw foods are not for sissies...

Breakfast- 1 large grapefruit, 6 Honey tangerines

Lunch- 7 medium bananas

Dinner (at a friend's seder)- 2 leaves of Romaine lettuce w/horse radish, 1 leaf Romaine lettuce w/chopped apples and walnuts, 1 parsley stem dipped in salt water, 3 large oranges, 6 date rolls, 2 slices Berry lovers' cheesecake from Raw Soul.

I feel terrifically well this morning.  I woke up with the sensation of alertness and a very clear head, not groggy.  I know its because I've eaten a very "clean" raw food diet for a couple of days.  I can always tell the difference between how I feel on "clean" raw food versus "I want to treat myself" raw food.  They both have their right place and both choices have consequences. 

It's happening.  We're seeing the successful results of the raw vegan lifestyle.  The newly triumphant kickboxer in Great Britain is a raw food vegan!  According to a press release in pressbox.co.uk, "James Southwood of North London, a vegan of ten years and more recently of a raw food diet, defeated all opposition at the British Savate kickboxing League in March.  James chooses the raw food vegan diet for its optimum health-giving edge." James is quoted as saying, "I would feel less able to do this without the nutrients available on a raw food diet and the health and well-being it provides."

Kickboxing is not for sissies and neither is the raw food life.  It requires strength and determination to overcome the cultural conditioning that has contributed to misinformation regarding health and the extreme poor health of the masses.  Do you want to be truly healthy?  Are you willing to do what it takes?  It's more simple than you think; all it takes is a decision.  Once you decide, the universe will reveal everything that you need to succeed.

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 11:40AM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments2 Comments

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Reader Comments (2)

I wish becoming a raw foodist is as easy as you say - unfortunately, I find it very challenging to eat more than two raw meals a day. Although I enjoy how I feel when I eat lots of fresh fruit and greens with a few nuts and seeds throughout the day, some other foods have become such a part of me that it is difficult to leave them behind. I am committed to incorporate a greater proportion of fresh fruits and greens into my diet - and I know it takes discipline and a willingness to let go of old behaviors - but please recognize that refraining from eating cooked food is more than just a "simple" decision.
April 13, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterMichael DeVito
The decision is the simple part, the follow through can be challenging and is not for "sissies" or the faint of heart. It's important to remind ourselves of why we made the decision and then to avail ourselves of everything we need to succeed.
April 14, 2006 | Registered CommenterStephen Parker

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