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Do what works...

Breakfast- 10 large Medjool dates sprinkled with shredded coconut

Lunch- 1 avocado, 1/2 cup cashew nuts

Dinner- 1 large grapefruit, 2 Navel oranges, 1 Honey tangerine

There are basic principals that work, that is, lead to success with raw foods. The main principle that I feel strongly about is this: one should consume an abundance of juicy ripe fruit and fresh greens and keep fat consumption low. For some, this is a big adjustment; we're so accustomed to eating rich fatty foods that serve as analgesics to the stresses of conventional lifestyles. However, being fully alive and engaged in life means that we FEEL!

Feeling is very uncomfortable for many of us who have been taught that the proper way to cope with feelings is to make them go away as quickly as possible. How often do we see well meaning people respond to a fussy child by giving her a cookie or a piece of candy? Many of us are set up from an early age to console ourselves with food and that food was probably not raw.

Switching to a raw food based life removes a veil of sedation and puts us in the front row of life and our feelings. Eating raw foods gives us the gift of greater mental clarity which enables us to better examine our feelings and experiences. A greater awareness of our feelings allows us to discern what actions or thinking processes resulted in feeling what we're feeling. Is this process always comfortable? No. Do I feel more alive and present than when I was eating cooked food? Yes. Is there one right way to do the raw food diet? No.

Learn to listen to your body, observe it, feel it, and don't sedate it. Stick to the basic principals and experiment; mess it up a little. Ask successful people what they do. You'll discover what works for you. (If you're experiencing disease symptoms then you may have to be more regimented and stick to a specific plan recommended by a successful raw food nutritionist.) Define a raw life plan for yourself and try it. There is that within that knows what works!

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