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A perennial past-time past its time...

Breakfast- Brazil nut milk smoothie (freshly made nut milk, banana, dates, coconut, spices)

Lunch- 2 Champagne mangos, 19 Pixie mandarin oranges

Dinner- 4 ripe medium sized tomatos, 1/2 cup cashews, 1/2 head Romaine lettuce

I saw a magazine photograph of Easter eggs and I smiled with memories of when I created my own colorful eggs. They were dyed with a concoction of vinegar and food coloring, some two toned, some with designs made with a wax pencil before dunking the egg in the dye; the remainder were solid pastel orbs. The photo triggered a passing desire to engage in this seasonal pleasure of coloring eggs, but then I remembered what Easter eggs are.

How can it be a celebration of life to force factory raised hens to lay quantities of eggs at a rate far beyond their natural capacity? How can it be a celebration of life to handle these oval spheres in a way that is in total disregard to the vessels of life that they are intended to be?

Easter eggs are, for all intents and purposes, chicken embryos that have been boiled alive, subjected to acrid dyes, scattered around the bushes or behind furniture, to be found by children who play toss with them, drop them and crack them, and throw them away because they prefer to eat the sugared caffeinated chocolate versions. I ask you, how can this be celebration of life?

Easter celebrations originate from pagan rituals which celebrate life, fertility and rebirth. We celebrate Easter at the time of year when wild life is mating and preparing for new life, beautiful bulbs are bursting up from the earth with shouts of color, and trees and shrubs of all kinds are heavy with blossoms and foreshadowing of fruit yet to be.

Lets consciously choose to break this cycle of disregard for the life of other sentient living beings. Yes, at one time we didn't consciously know better, but now we do; our consciousness has expanded. Choose to stop killing life in order to celebrate it. Nature provides everything that we need to live a wonderfully long and healthy life, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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