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Something besides oranges...

Lunch- Salad of 5 medium carrots shredded, 3 medium tomatoes diced, 1/2 cup walnuts

Dinner- Sesame Seaweed salad, Mali Kofta, mixed greens salad, Coconut water

I feel relieved to have something to write about besides oranges!  I would have put dulse flakes on my lunch salad but I had a business appointment this afternoon and those purple/black dulse flakes have a way of hiding out unseen and then suddenly appearing center stage on your front teeth!  

A non-raw friend expressed an interest in going to a raw restaurant and being the raw food evangalist that I am, I felt happy to accommodate him.  We went to Quintessence.  It's been a while since I was there and I felt delighted that they still have Mali Kofta; it hits the spot for me!  My friend really enjoyed the meal; he played it safe and ordered Coconut soup, Pasta Putanesca, and Coconut water.  Dan "Onan the Vegetarian" Hoyt happened to be there.  Dan's a pleasant down to earth guy and a great raw chef; I hope he can put his subway escapades behind him.  Gregory from LiveLive, next door to Quintessence, meandered through the restaurant.  I was tempted to stop in and stock up on the LiveLive raw carob powder that I raved about a few weeks ago but I still have some left and I was ready to get home.

Back across town, before I boarded the Eighth Avenue subway to come back uptown, with trepidation I inspected the new Balducci's at Eighth Avenue and 14th Street.  Surprise!  I felt happy to see quality organic produce reasonably priced.  There's not much in there for a raw food vegan but the place is pretty and the selection will work in an emergency.        

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