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Brunch at Raw Soul...

Breakfast- 6 bananas
Lunch- A terrific brunch at Raw Soul, Cream of Broccoli soup, Stuffed Peppers w/ salsa, Sunflower rolls, Kale-Mustard salad, Fiesta Rice, Blueberry Cheesecake, Apple Spice cake, Fruit Crepe.
Dinner- 8 Honey tangerines.

Raw Soul's Brunch was the best ever! The live music was great; it was jazz Trio, Violinist, Alan Grubner, Guitarist Al Street and Bongo player Kahlil Kuame Bell. We danced! Raw food nutritionist , Dr. Fred Bisci was there. Fred says that he is commencing with work on two new books.  Also, Moriba who's heading up the organizing and research for an up-town organic food co-op was there. If you haven't been to Raw Soul's Sunday Brunch; you've gotta go. It's the best!

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