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I think it had white sugar...

Breakfast- 2 Gala apples, 2 Golden Delicious apples

Lunch- 6 bananas

Dinner- 3 avocados, handful of Brazil nuts, 4-5 walnuts

Last night I went to a diner with some buddies.  Diners generally don't cater to raw foodists; the choices are usually unripe fruit or salad.  I took the salad route, salad with cole slaw mixed in, satisfying, nothing special.  A little later, someone told me that I seemed rev'd up; I thought about it and realized he was right.  I felt speedy euphoric, overly talkative and stimulated.  It occurred to me that the cole slaw probably had sugar in it.  It appeared to be just plain shredded cabbage but it did taste sweet.  This morning I had a disconnected feeling that I used to experience when I ate sugar loaded cooked food.  No more sugar loaded diner cole slaw for me!

At the diner, all my buddies ordered traditional diner food, burgers and omelets.  When the waiter served it, the aromas were simultaneously titillating and objectionable.  The burgers in particular had a fresh fetid odor; I don't remember noticing that before.  It wasn't sickening; it was just something that I was aware of.  Maybe since I stopped eating raw dairy a couple of months ago, I am more aware of the odor of burned flesh foods.


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