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When an apple costs more than a loaf of bread...

Breakfast- 5 grapefruit

Lunch- 1 slice of Raw Soul Pecan pie, 1 slice of Raw Soul Hawaiian Cheesecake

Dinner- 2 1/2 avocados, 3 shredded carrots, 1 pint diced cherry tomatoes, 1 tbs dulse flakes, -all mixed together.

Regarding lunch, one piece of Raw Soul's delicious and hearty cake or pie would have been enough.  What can I say?  I like to eat!

I bought the Raw Soul items from Westerly and while I was waiting in line I observed the young woman in front of me.  She was purchasing 1 package of Pita bread and also 2 apples.  When the cashier rang in the price for the apples the young woman did a double take and her eyes grew wide.  She decided to keep the Pita bread and return the apples!  I resisted the desire to counsel her on her choice; I'll leave that work up to my raw food impassioned friend Joel Brody.

Something is wrong when two apples, that nature freely and abundantly supplies, cost more than a plastic bag of wheat paste that has had the life burned out of it!  Wallpaper paste is made from wheat.  If it sticks to walls for decades, what positive effect can it possibly have on our bodies.   Those apples had far more life supporting properties than the bread. 

Dr. Douglas Graham writes the following in his book, Grain Damage: "Every indicator points to grain consumption as a major health threat.  In spite of advertisings insinuations to the contrary, the popular trend of eating whole foods can not apply to...breads..., as grains require a great deal of processing just to become edible.  Bread simply does not exist in nature."

I paid $2.39/lb for organic apples today.  What did you pay?  

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