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Look responsibly within...

Breakfast- 5 mangos

Lunch- 5 mangos

Dinner- 4 (one package) Miss Lillian's raw oatmeal raisin cookies, a salad of 3 shredded carrots, 3 sliced sticks of celery, 1/2 cup raisins, juice of 1 lime.

Last night, at the Raw Health and Happiness Society meeting, the discussion topic was sunshine and how important it is to health and wellness.  Sunlight on the bare skin is essential for the proper functioning of many bodily processes.  David Wolfe, in  The Sunfood Diet Success System: 36 Lessons in Health Transformation, lists the following benefits of exposure to direct sunlight:

  • Sunlight draws toxins out of the skin.
  • Vitamin D is formed and the bones can then properly calcify.
  • Sunlight builds the immune system and increases oxygenation of the skin.
  • Sunlight lowers blood sugar.  It is a natural insulin.
  • Sunlight helps to store sugar as glycogen in the liver, muscles, and cells for later use.
  • The first step to overcoming candida is sunlight on the naked body.
  • Sunlight increases the strength of digestion.
  • Sunlight improves eyesight and regulates hormones.

It is also true that careless over exposure to the sun can be harmful; but does this mean that we should avoid the sun?  Of course not.  Once again the responsibility for our health and wellness rests on our own shoulders.  With regard to sunshine, as well as raw foods, we must responsibly experiment, find out what others' experience is, evaluate what we've learned and then seek our own answers within ourselves.

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