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Whatever happened to healthy living...

Breakfast- 6 mangos

Lunch- 4 mangos

Dinner- a salad: 3 shredded carrots, 2 diced apples, juice of 1 lime, and 1/2 cup raisins

What's wrong with plain simple healthy living?  I read an article, "Desperately Seeking Superfoods", which describes numerous health producing so called "superfoods" that are beginning to be recognized.  Here is a partial list of these foods: blueberries, carrots, oranges, pomegranates, tomatoes, walnuts, and watermelon.  Are these foods familiar?  These are the foods that I eat all the time.  They aren't "superfoods"; these are our natural foods that nature intends for us to eat.  When we live according to the laws of nature, and consume the variety of foods that nature provides, our bodies maintain super health!

Do we really need to go on an endless search for the dietary silver bullet that is going to make everything all right?  No, we don't, because we already have it.  Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, consumed raw, this is the silver bullet.  I urge you to extract yourself from the mindless search for a pill, a cure, a superfood.  Simple, pleasurable, healthy living results in health.

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