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You know the answers...

Breakfast- 25 mandarin oranges

Lunch- 2 mangos, 2 apples

Dinner- 3/4 head chopped green leaf lettuce, 2 pints sliced cherry tomatoes, 3/4 cup sesame seeds freshly ground with 1 tbs. dulse flakes, all combined  into a very savory crunchy juicy salad!

I was reading a few pages in Paul Nison's book, "Health According to the Scriptures", and in one chapter he lists "Three Questions about Nutrition."  They are:

What can give you a healthier body?

  • - A carrot or a piece of carrot cake?
  • - An apple or a piece of apple cake?
  • - A fresh organic salad or cupcakes?

Hopefully, you know the answers; if not you need some serious help!  It may seem silly to ask these questions but millions of people go through life each day making unconscious choices about what they eat, as if they truly didn't know the answers.  Each of us has within ourselves an instinctual knowledge of how best to nourish our bodies.  Our challenge is not that we don't know, but that we don't act on what we do know.  Sometimes it feels easier to do what everyone else is doing, or what has always been done, rather than choose our own right course.  However, we can not escape from the fact that every choice results in consequences.

By the way, the 25 mandarins were very small!

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