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Can't stop yet...

Breakfast- 3 large grapefruit

This is the time of year that I begin to dread the ending of citrus season.  Most of the citrus that comes out now is very ripe and tastes sweet and mellow.  Two years ago I went to Florida to visit my choreographer friend Mavis Ray.  She was living in a house that had several citrus trees in the yard.  The only fruit left on the trees was Grapefruit that was still hanging in the highest branches; it had been there all season, unpicked and soaking up the sun for months.  After climbing the tree and picking a few dozen, I sat down to eat some for breakfast.  Wow!  I've never tasted grapefruit so sweet and so flavorful.  It really drove home the fact that tree ripened fruit is unsurpassable by anything we can ever buy in a supermarket, no matter how perfect it looks on the shelves.  This fresh picked grapefruit was not what you would call a beautiful specimen.  It didn't need to be.  As they say "Real beauty comes from within."                         

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