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Do you have "b.o."...

Breakfast(recap)- 3 large grapefruit

Lunch- 2 sliced bananas & 1 diced Hass avocado, mixed with 1/4 cup shredded coconut and 1 tbs raw carob powder

Dinner- 4 bananas

I went to Raw Health and Happiness Society meeting tonight, we talked about taste, with regard to actual flavor as well as aesthetic "taste."  The raw vegan lifestyle is a very appealing way to live.  There's no bloodshed, fetid rotting decay, violence against other sentient beings, overpowering objectionable odors.  Many raw foodists claim to not use or need deodorant; they say that they don't have "b.o" or their bodys natural scent becomes pleasant on a raw food vegan diet.  The pleasing aesthetics of the raw life is something I don't hear much about.  Maybe it's because we take it for granted; it becomes so "normal" for us.

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