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The cost of health...

Breakfast- 7 bananas

Lunch- 6 large oranges

Dinner- 1/4 cup almonds, soaked

A friend of mine telephones me regularly just to share what's going on in his life.  He knows that he can call at anytime during the night because I turn the ringers off while I'm sleeping. Recently, I listened to a message that he left at around 11:45pm; he frequently calls late at night.  This time he wasn't feeling well because he had "come down with a cold."  In his last message he talked about "having" to buy cheese to take to a reception.  I hear this and I think how can he expect to have health if he is frequently keeping late hours and not eating fresh healthy raw food. 

Last year, another friend, after having slowly increased his percentage of raw foods, made a commitment to eating 100% raw for three months.  He was successful.  He  previously had had a skin condition that he had been using topical medication to keep it under control.  During his three months of 100% raw he stopped using the medication and the skin condition completely went away.  After three months of 100% raw he is back to regularly eating cooked food; the skin condition is back.  I asked him if he could heal the skin condition by eating only raw food or ingesting poison, what would he do.  It was somewhat of a rhetorical question; but none the less, he couldn't easily answer.

We all pay a price for the level of health that we choose to have.

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