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Gotta take time to eat...

Breakfast- 12 oz. seedless Red Flame grapes, 3 small bananas

The sunshine and the spring flowers were beautiful yesterday and just before I was about to eat dinner, I made plans with a friend to go for a walk in Central Park and take all the beauty in.  I didn't expect to be gone long, maybe 45 minutes to 1 hour.  I realised that I didn't have time to eat my entire dinner before going on the walk so I ate the soaked almonds with the intention to be back in an hour and eat the rest of my dinner.  It didn't happen.

The setting suns light was perfect, the crisp spring air was perfect, and the forsythia, cherry, tulip and daffodil blossoms were perfect so we extended our walk.  We then went to the Time Warner Center to pick some groceries from Whole Foods; we went upstairs to Borders to hear the Browns piano quintet (we were too late), and we bought the Browns CD and had it autographed.  By the time all this was done and I returned home it was two plus hours later and too late to eat dinner and sleep comfortably.  So, by default, the almonds that I had eaten on the way to the park, were my dinner. 

I feel better having not eaten more food close to bedtime and also for not having grazed my way through the evening. I don't regret choosing to let those few almonds suffice.  However, I know that to make the raw food diet work, it is important to set aside time to eat the sufficiently large meals that I need.  Once again, raw food is not about deprivation!

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