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Whom do you trust...

Breakfast- 2 Navel oranges, 2 Valencia oranges, 2 Honey Tangerines

Lunch- a salad of two shredded carrots, 3 Valencia oranges, 1/2 cup walnuts

Dinner- from Raw Soul: 1 personal pizza, 1 barbecue burger, 1 slice Hawaiian cheesecake

I read a brief news story today that reported VP Cheney's aid testified that President Bush ok'd the leak of information that led to the revealing of information about Iraq to Judith Miller.  There's no confirmation that the information included the disclosure of CIA agent Valerie Plume's identity.  Regardless of what the final truth is, each of the government characters in this story are people who represent us and who are supposed to be protecting our interests as citizens of this country. 

Who do we trust when it comes to our health and wellbeing?  Do we trust the media who has a high interest in advertising profits?   Do we trust our Doctors who are regularly lavishly wined and dined at medical industry conferences?  Do we trust our parents, many of whom are suffering from the diseases we are trying to avoid?  Do we trust our governmental agencies whose officials rotate through a revolving door from private industry to the government and back again?

We start from where we are; we learn to trust that wisdom that lies within each of us.  Raw organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds provide an abundance of the nutritious elements that the body needs to sustain life and health.  Does anyone dispute this?  I am not aware of the authorities mentioned above having ever suggesting that we stop eat fresh raw organic fruit vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Raw organic food, fresh air, pure water, sunshine, sleep, exercise, emotional balance - these are the building blocks of health.  Whom do you trust?  Try trusting yourself. 


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