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How much stimulation...

Breakfast- 5 large Navel oranges

Dinner last night was very filling and satisfying.  I usually don't eat many spices and herbs and today I feel like I have  dragon breath.

The question of the day is this:  What do we really need to be healthy?  Is it really very complicated?  Probably not.  Do we need creams and potions and exotic super foods from around the world?  Probably not.  When people give themselves the gift of the elements of wellness that I listed yesterday, their bodies heal and maintain health.  What is it that prevents us from giving this to ourselves.  What prevents us from having satisfaction in being alive and well?  Do we really need so much more?  Probably not.  

Many raw foodists have discovered that once they have transitioned to a simple 100% raw foods diet of organic fruit, vegetables, nut and seeds something within them becomes more satisfied with the simple joys of being well and being alive.  Constant stimulation and intrigue aren't needed or desired.  The desire for unhealthy things subsides. 

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