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Raw Spinach Gnocchi doesn't grow on trees...

Breakfast- 4 large Navel oranges

I enjoyed eating dinner last night at Quintessence.  I had been looking forward to meeting my friend Patrick from LA there and not having to spend much time thinking about whether the restaurant will have something that I'd enjoy eating.  The Sea Vegetable salad was savory, and the texture was juicy and chewy in a satisfying way.  The pasta and sauce were both tasty, though the sauce was a little rich for me.  Gnocchi used to be one of my cooked food favorites and this raw gnocchi came close to giving me a similar experience, even though it was more spicy than the traditionally bland version.  The gnocchi needs to be dehydrated in advance and I question the freshness, when this particular batch was actually prepared.      

What's happening with me over time is that my simple meals of fruit and salad are becoming increasingly satisfying and the rich complex raw recipe food feels less satisfying.  It tastes good and I enjoy it while I'm eating it, but afterward, that lightness of being that I feel is not as great as when I eat fruit and salad.  Nature provides exactly what we need and the further away we get from eating food as nature provides it, the further away we go from health.  I enjoyed my dinner but I've never seen a gnocchi tree!

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