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Raw Food, or drugs for 9 year olds...

Breakfast- 5 Honey tangerines

Lunch- at Quintessence: 2 servings raw nachos, Mali Kofta, side salad; 5 Blessings Luscious Lemon Swirl cookies

Dinner- Coconut water and meat from 1 1/2 young coconuts

My aunt, Linda Bennett and cousin, Carisa Bennett are here in NYC from New Bern, NC for the first time ever.  I took them to Quintessence for their first meal in a raw food restaurant.  The Mali Kofta at Quintessence was delicious!   

NPR caught my attention again.  They reported that an FDA panel has recommended approval for a cervical cancer vaccine made by Merck.  The panel also suggests that the anti-viral vaccine be given to girls as young as nine years old.  The vaccine may wear off after 5 years and it is not a guaranteed preventative.  To me this means that the vaccine is not effective. 

Two women, unrelated close friends of mine, were diagnosed with cancerous cells on their cervix.  They chose to forego traditional medical treatment and instead embarked on a 100% raw food lifestyle.  Today they are cancer free.  One of these women also had fibroid tumors,  was on anti-depression medication and also medication for either hypertension or high cholesterol (I forget which).  Today, 100% raw, that friend is perfectly healthy and takes no medication at all.

I believe that most cancer results from habitual unhealthy ways of living.  The real cure for illness is optimal healthy living.  It takes courage to choose the road less traveled. 

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