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A new way of life...

Breakfast- 1 large pineapple

Lunch- about 10 to 12 small Honey tangerines

Dinner- a salad: 5 small Navel oranges, 2 shredded carrots, 1/2 cup walnuts, 2 tbs pinenuts; 1/4 raw tahini

Pure Food and Wine(PF&W) is touting the benefits of Nature's First Law's concoction of Blue Mangosteen Fruit and Blue Green Algae.  It's concentrated in pills and it is supposed to be a raw food.  Since when did pills or capsules filled with dried powders grow on trees, bushes, or in algae blooms?  PF&W writes that "Camille, a Pure Food and Wine employee, and resident raw foodist swears by Blue Mangosteen. She broke her arm last summer and has found Blue Mangosteen to be the only effective remedy for chronic pain."

I think it is quite possible that Camille felt pain because her body was trying to tell her to rest and allow healing to take place, do something different.  The body is the only doer; food does not "do" anything except provide raw materials which the body uses as needed.  The body is the healer, not the food. 

According to Dr. Herbert Shelton "Rest is an essential condition of the repair and renewal of tissues.  Irritants [supplements, pills, anti-inflamatories, etc...] force the body to consume its reserves; so that while they seem to give us strength and added working capacity, they are actually compelling the waste of strength and ability.  Whether it is a wound or a broken bone that is to be healed...rest is the prime requisite."

For me, adopting a raw foods life style is about discovering a new way to live and not to just do the same old thing in an updated way(i.e. take a raw food supplement pill).  As a raw foodist I am learning to listen to my body's messages.  When I feel pain, I don't believe that my body is telling me to take a pill.  It's probably telling me to stop doing what I'm doing and to do something different.  Do I have the courage to stop, to make a different choice?  Do you?

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