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Raw food and liver spots...

Breakfast- 4 large Navel oranges

Lunch- a glass of young coconut water, a salad: 1 avocado, 2 shredded carrots, 1/2 cup cashews, 3/4 cup sliced cherry tomatoes, juice of lime

Dinner- from Pure Food and Wine: Add-on Salad, 2 thumbprint cookies, spicy macadamias

Sometimes I feel a little jaded, thinking that I know all I need to know (Not all there is to know, I'm not that jaded!) about raw food living.  I can get into a routine, what I'm doing is working well, and interest in reading new material wanes.  And then it happens, I'll read something that wakes me up and I'll think, "Wow, I didn't know that!"

It just happened; I was reading an article by Sylvia Rilly, The Raw Food Diet, and I found out what causes liver spots on the skin, cooked food!  And she expains how.  I like it when they explain this stuff.  Sylvia writes that according to Art Baker, "...heat alters foodstuffs such that they are partially, mostly, or wholly destroyed. Nutrients are coagulated, deaminized, caramelized and rendered inorganic and become toxic and pathogenic in the body.  Lipufuscin, the 'aging pigment', is an example of a waste product created from damaged proteins and fats. It accumulates in the skin and nervous system and is visible as brown 'liver spots' on the skin and eyes."

To those who ridicule and deny the known benefits of a raw food diet, I say, "Age this!"

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