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Rekindle your instincts...

Breakfast- 1 large Mexican papaya

Lunch- 5 bananas

Dinner- 1 slice Raw Soul's Cheesecake Lover's Cheesecake, salad: 1/2 head chopped Romaine lettuce, 1 pint sliced cherry tomatoes, 2 diced avocados, 1 Tbs dulse flakes, juice of 1 lime 

This morning, as I walked home from a run in Central Park, I passed my local health food store/juice bar, Nice and Natural; it’s at 673 Ninth Avenue, between 46th & 47th. I noticed a young man inside whose inquiring expression and his “not sure what to order” demeanor reminded me of myself from several years ago.

There was a time before I learned about the raw way of life when some part of me instinctively knew that there was something in these raw fruit and vegetable juices that I wanted and needed; but it was still unknown and mysterious. Where I come from, people drink sweet tea or Pepsi Cola after a workout; fresh juice- carrot, beet, celery, apple, pear, all-green, etc., just wasn’t on the radar of most people. However, as soon as I first encountered fresh juice, something in me knew there was something “right” about it.  It was the same with raw foods.

I suspect that most people know within themselves that there is something “right” about raw foods. They may not have experience with it; it may seem really foreign and different. Even so, they are intrigued by it; what could be wrong with eating fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds? 

Eventually, I found the raw path and I’ve been on it ever since. Becoming a raw foodist has heightened, even rekindled, my instincts. I feel more aware, physically and emotionally, and I feel that I am just beginning, that there is a whole lot more to look forward to. Choosing raw foods, to whatever degree that you are able, can only help move you forward in your life. There might be some passing discomfort as your mind and body go through changes; but it's worth it. There are thousands of people who can affirm this. Again, what could be wrong with eating fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds?

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