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Raw Food, Great People and Pot Lucks...

Dinner(Sunday, 6/11/06)- Two kinds of raw lasagna, Vickie Hatcher's spectacular kale avocado mango salad, spinach dip and raw crackers from Anita Vinkovics, mock tuna salad, oranges, mamay fruit, seed cheese spread, green salad with raw Italian dressing, and more- I don't remember it all!

The Raw Health and Happiness Society had it's quarterly potluck dinner yesterday.  Victoria Moran  and her husband William hosted it in their home.  Victoria had had a busy day; she had been a guest speaker at the Unity meeting that morning, she had had family visiting, and then the Potluck was at her place! The food was deliciously varied, and satisfying, the company-- terrific!  We viewed the documentary film "Breakthrough" and then everyone added their opinion to the the impromptu discussion. 

There was an unusually eclectic group of people.  When Roger Haeske, aka "Superbeing" arrived, I heard actor Andrew Clateman's audible response, "Oh, that's Roger Haeske, Superbeing!"  Many people receive Roger's health promoting emails but they have never met him.

"Hooked on Raw" Rhio, looking like million bucks, along with Lee Crizoe from Tribeca Radio, had spent some time visiting the Talifero's, the raw family in the film.  They were able to tell us what the mood and energy was like in the Talifero's raw vegan family environment.  It's all good!  As we viewed "Breakthrough", which I had already previewed, it was satisfying to hear Linda Creamer's "hmm's", "ah's", "oh's" and "yes's!"

I felt delighted when Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson walked in the door.  They had just closed up shop for the day at Raw Soul.  I don't see enough of Lillian and Eddie, they're always busy doing what they love, preparing good food, feeding and educating people.  Lillian says that they will soon be publishing a raw recipe book- all about raw deserts!

Joel Brody, who ceaselessly tells everyone about the benefits of eating raw food brought his friend Giovanna.  She's an art dealer from Rome who currently has an exhibit at NYU.  Also, Karen and Harvey Ranzi showed up.  Karen's just about to complete her book about raising children- raw, vegan and healthy.

Judging from appearances, raw foods are working for Lynn Thompson!  Micheline Lakah, whom I haven't seen since the last RHHS potluck, was there.  Micheline, in the interim, has spent some time at the Anne Wigmore Center in Puerto Rico.  Always spirited, Aaron Schneider was telling me about the terrific results he's getting from changing up his program and incorporating more fruit in the mornings and after exercise.

I was telling Marla Batts, who is new to raw foods, that it was great that she, as well as her friend Regine Lamy, was there because she had a chance to meet a variety raw foodists and could taste many different home made raw food dishes.

The next Raw Health and Happiness Society Potluck Dinner is on September 10.

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