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Raw food & cancer, smoothies, ripe mangos...

Breakfast- 2 oz wheat grass juice, 5 Mangos

This coming Monday, Randi Nussbaum and myself are going to tag-team lead the Raw Health and Happiness Society meeting.  The topic is Fibroid Tumors and Raw Food.  Randi will share her personal experience and I am contributing additional information that I've found.  Dr. Kristine Nolfi M.D. was completely healed from cancer when she adopted a 100% raw food diet.  I found a great excerpt from Dr. Nolfi's book.

Last night I soaked almonds in preparation for making a smoothie for breakfast. This morning however, I feel that lightness of being that raw foodists often talk about and I don't want to risk bringing myself down by drinking something so rich. But then again, it's so delicious- maybe I'll just have it later in the day.  Besides, when I was out this morning, I unexpectedly ran across some beautiful ripe mangos- and the bananas I have are ripe- and there might be some more of that great watermelon I found last week...ah, the choices are endless.

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