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Tropical Fruit Tart...

Sunday, 6/18/06, food log:

Breakfast- 3 oz wheat grass juice, 28 oz carob banana almond milk smoothie
Lunch- 1/3 large watermelon
Dinner- fresh home made tropical fruit tart

Earlier this week I wrote about Jenny Cornbleet's new book, Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People, and how the recipes appear to be uncomplicated. Last night I made a Tropical Fruit Tart from Jenny's recipe in the book. The result far exceeded my expectations; it was delicious and it was easy to make. Being mostly fruit, I didn't expect it to be a rich desert but you know, I was wrong. It was very rich. I took a photo of my creation. My photo doesn't look as great as the photo in Jenny's book but I can't imagine that the taste suffered in any way. 498805-368661-thumbnail.jpg

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