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Quest for raw food perfection...

Breakfast- 12 Chocolate macaroons from Pure Food & Wine

Lunch- 4 large oranges

Dinner- See entry titled "Dinner, Friday, June 2"

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner last night at Raw Soul.  I arrived there in the middle of the torrential downpour that passed over NYC last night.  Even so, Raw Soul was buzzing with customers coming and going.  I like the new table arrangement as well as the adjustments in the menu selections; in both cases, there is now a little more flexibility for seating and ordering.

Lillian and Eddie are on a well deserved vacation.  I missed seeing them, but, with John's superb raw culinary skills in the kitchen and Josef's out-going friendly down to earth presence in the front, things were running without a hitch. 

Michael Tyson, who helps out at Raw Soul, sat down and told me about the research he's been doing on holistic dental care.  He's discovering that there are many alternatives to traditional dental care from dentists who frequently want to solve dental problems with quick costly fixes.  Patience and willingness to try something different might prove to be more helpful for many people; and it's possible that they might end up spending less and have healthier teeth and gums with fewer artificial substances in their mouths.

Another treat from Union Square
Dinner was a little late for me and subsequently I didn't sleep as well as I do when I eat earlier.  Also, after eating only fruit all day, the hearty raw soul food felt heavy in my stomach.  However, the food is so delicious, it is a worthy raw reward.

The difficulty was this morning when I woke up and still had that full stomach sluggish feeling.  After an early morning analysis appointment, I wanted a little treat or "pick-me-up" and I ate the Chocolate macaroons for breakfast.  They taste good, and I feel a little high from the caffeine and the theobromine in the cacao, but I know that this is not ideal "raw food"; it's a treat.  Besides, the macaroons are sweetened with maple syrup (Maple syrup is not raw.) and that stirs up internal conflicts between my wanting to eat the perfect raw diet and also wanting to give myself a break when it seems appropriate and not compulsive and overtly harmful.  These are the are the challenges we face as we proceed with living raw in today's cooked food culture.

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