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More nutrients than expected...

Lunch- another 1/2 watermelon

Dinner- 3 large Navel oranges, 1 large head red leaf lettuce 

Sometimes I'm curious about the nutrient level in my food.  I just entered watermelon into my Fit Day software and I was surprised at the high level of nutrients in my food today.  The watermelon I ate contains 22 grams of fat!  It also has 32 grams of protein and 337 grams of carbs.  This puts me within the 80-10-10 range suggested by Dr. Graham.

Rhio, of Hooked on Raw, and I recently had a short conversation about the different theories of raw nutrition within the raw community.  She suggested that trying to fit everyone into the 80-10-10 formula might not work because individuals are unique.  I can see some value in that; I don't want to blindly make myself and others out to be square pegs trying to fit into a round hole.  But, 80-10-10 might work well for a large number of people, and the formula might provide people a baseline to start from as they experiment and discover what works for them.

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