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Falling off the raw food low fat wagon costs too much...

Lunch- from Pure Food & Wine: 2 oatmeal raisin cookies, 2 thumbprint cookies, 1 pint of Almond Buttercup ice cream; from Lifethyme: spicy macadamia nuts

Dinner- "Sushi" from Pure Food & Wine (Yes, I went back again!)

It's obvious that I fell off the raw food low fat diet at lunch.  I guess I need to readi the article by Frederic Patenaude that I published here on the Essays/Articles section.

The ice cream tasted great up to a point and then it just became too rich and I couldn't finish it.  The cookies were tasty and small.  I had a shock when the cashier rang me up, $22.22!  The oatmeal raisin cookies cost .75/each and I assumed that the thumbprint cookies would be in the same range.  I was wrong; they cost $3.00/each and they're thumbprint sized!  Everything was already wrapped up, I was salivating, and I couldn't bring myself to put them back.

When I walked back through the Union Square Green Market, I saw strawberries priced at $5.50/quart.  I could have bought four quarts of fresh strawberries for what I'd just spent on raw ice cream and cookies.  Honestly, the raw vegan ice cream tastes great, but the strawberries would have been more satisfying.  It's all history now; I'll let it go.

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