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Raw Soul, Organic Avenue...

Breakfast- 4 1/2 bananas

Lunch- from Raw Soul's Brunch: Udon Noodle Soup, Avocado Salad, 1 Blueberry Pancake, 2 Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Chile, Fiesta Pilaf, 2 Pear Tarts, 1 Fruit Parfait

Dinner- 1/2 large head Romaine Lettuce

Brunch at Raw Soul was terrific.  I saw Lillian & Eddie and Michael Tyson was there as well.  Kahil Kuame Bell was there with his talented trio.  During the Trio's break the guitar player was asking usual questions, "Where do you get your protein? Doesn't fruit throw your blood sugar off?"  I was aroused from my mellow busy reading a book state of mind and passionately (maybe too passionately) responded.

Tonight I went to Organic Avenue where Tonya Zavasta, author of "Beautiful on Raw Uncooked Creations", was giving the last NYC talk of her current book tour.  It was great this week to have Tonya as a guest on Raw Dish! talk show, but seeing her in action during a lecture was amazing. She's got that gift of being able to speak very confidently and yet very disarmingly.  Also, she knows her information inside and out.  She covered a lot of material but over and over I heard her say in one way or another to just try raw, the body will adjust;  you'll discover what you need to do or change and your new healthy physiological inner beauty will be reflected outwardly in your appearance.

Today was Organic Avenue's first day in their new location at 101 Stanton Street.  The place is colorfully alive and roomy.  There's going to be a chef on staff; her name is Sara Doldan.  Doug Evans had come in from the West Coast to help with the move.  Doug says that he's been on this raw path for seven years now and it continues to change and get better and better.  The new storefront was definitely attracting the attention of people walking by.  Amy Rachelle, a great example of beautiful on raw, also stopped in while I was there.  It was cool seeing the store getting attention.  I've posted some photos of Tonya and Organic Avenue in the Raw Dish! Photo Gallery.

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