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Sunlight is raw food...

Breakfast- 1/3 large watermelon

Lunch- 1 cantaloupe & more water melon

Dinner- 1/3 large watermelon

I love the sunshine.  Some people might say that I'm addicted to it.  Sunlight feels so good on my body and I have to be alert to not overdoing it, particularly since I don't use sunscreen.  I was glad to read Tom McGrath's article on sunshine and vitamin D deficiency.  Tom writes: "The way God drew it up, getting enough vitamin D ought to be a cinch, since the process is as unconscious as breathing. When you're outside in the sunlight, UVB rays from the sun activate an enzyme in your skin. Presto, vitamin D is created and goes to work in your body."

This aligns with my views on health and nutrition.  Nature provides what we need; but when we futz around with nature we have problems.  There are serious consequences due to people avoiding the sun in their futile attempt to avoid cancer and aging.  Note the following from McGrath's article:

  • "Vitamin D undernourishment may lead to more than 23,000 cancer deaths each year."
  • "A study of otherwise healthy 18- to 29-year-olds in Boston found that one-third had significantly low vitamin D levels by the end of the winter."
  • "The prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency is higher than anticipated in North America."
  • "As many as 80 percent of people in the United States don't get enough vitamin D."

Sunshine is food.  Plants have the ability to convert this sun food into a form that we can eat, enjoy, and receive needed nutrients and fuel.  We destroy it when we cook it and the result is malnutrition and disease.  When we obsessively shield ourselves from the sun we don't get the vitamin D we need and disease is the result.  Desire for sun is normal and perfectly natural, that's why the sun feels so pleasurable on our skin.  Will this current Atlantic Coast cloud cover ever pass?

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