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Raw Food, choosing what to eat...

Breakfast- 10 small oranges

The bananas are ripe, the oranges are at that sweet stage - just before shriveling, the grapes look ripe, I have a wedge of watermelon in the fridge, and the avocado is ripe but I'm trying to avoid overeating fatty foods.  I also have grapefruit, walnuts, lettuce, kiwi, carrots, dates, and a small honeydew melon.  How do I decide what to eat and not waste anything by letting it get over ripe?

I don't want to begin the day with a fat infusion so the avocado goes in the fridge.  The grapes aren't really that good so I'll let them sit for a day or two longer.  The watermelon is covered and ok in the fridge and the honeydew is still a little hard.  The dates will keep, as will the lettuce and walnuts.  The grapefruit and kiwi both were too sour when I tried them a day or two ago.  Sometimes if fruit has been harvested too green it never gets ripe.  What's left to eat?  Bananas and oranges.  The bananas can last another 1/2 day or so but the oranges may not in this heat.  That's it!  I'll have oranges for breakfast!

Oh, I forgot, I also have the tomatoes to think about. 

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