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The Body Enlightenment System...

I have some links to Frederic Patenaude here on Raw Dish!.  Fred, the author of "Raw Secrets", periodically offers a 30-day full-support coaching program.  Its the Body Enlightenment System, a complete support and coaching program that teaches you a complete step-by-step system for achieving vibrant health, energy, and a fit body.

I admire Frederic's sincerity and passion in promoting a healthy balanced raw foods lifestyle.  I've looked at the Body Enlightenment System and what he's put together is terrific- there's nothing like this out there.  He's only accepting 150 people and the last time he launched it, he sold out in less than 12 hours.

It took me seven long years to get past the hurdles of staying on the raw diet and I don't recommend doing the way I did it.  Its too bad that Fred wasn't on the scene when I got started.

The Body Enlightenment System will be available for only 7 days and only 150 people will be able to sign up for it.  Read the information yourself and find out how its helped people who've done it transform their lives.

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