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They never tell you to eat less fruit...

Lunch- 6 bananas

Here's a saying often heard in the raw world, "They never tell you to eat less fruit and vegetables!"  This is often said with a laugh and a wink because its true.  We get so much health advice but its rarely advising us to skimp on the produce.  Amy Paturel writes about fibre and says "Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels, preventing the erratic peaks and valleys that can send you on a stampede to the fridge.

This is one reason why its pointless to compare added sugar to the natural sugar found in fibre rich whole ripe fresh fruit.  Recently I wrote about juice vs. whole food and Paturel makes a similar case for fibre: "Foods that are high in fiber are generally low in fat and calories. Cup for cup, a fiber-rich food will have much fewer calories than its low-fiber counterparts. A cup of apple juice weighs in at 117 calories and 0 grams of fiber while an apple (with skin) comes in at 74 calories and 3.4 grams of fiber. And since the body can't break down fiber, it runs right through your digestive tract -- instead of landing on your hips.

What's lacking in this analogy is that we need calories; they are fuel for our cells.  We just need the calories to be in their natural state, coexisting with fibre, minerals and other nutritional components.  Also, the apple has just the right amount of fat, appropriately balancing the other components. A naturally low fat high fibre raw food diet will keep your saddlebags in check.

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