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Tim Trader at the Raw Health and Happiness Society...

Dinner- 1/2 head Romaine lettuce, 1/2 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 1/3 avocados

Last night I heard Dr. Tim Trader speak at the Raw Health and Happiness Society (RHHS).  There are a few photos from the meeting in the Raw Dish! Photo gallery.  Since the RHHS is a discussion & support group Dr. Tim focused his talk on support and education.  He spoke of how when we move to a raw diet, internal conflicts get triggered on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Its important to avail ourselves of all the resources we can in order to navigate these conflicts successfully.

Dr. Tim referred to an article in New Scientist, "Can You Really Get Addicted to Fast Food?"  The answer is yes!  Proper food combining helps, and its not complicated.  "Find a combining chart that you like and put it on your refrigerator.  Correct food combining stops the internal formation of chemicals that irritate your system." says Dr. Tim.  He also noted that "it takes about two weeks to eliminate the toxins from your body after a binge."

Even on the raw diet, its important to eat a low fat diet.  This is where the role of fruit comes in.  People who shy away from fruit have to get their calories from somewhere and the only other raw source is fat.  High fat consumption is problematic.  It disrupts blood sugar balance and it blocks oxygen from getting to the brain cells as well as to the capillaries.  Dr. Tim suggests that Douglas Graham's 80-10-10 formula is a helpful tool for moderating fat intake.

Added salt is definitely off limits for Dr. Tim who believes it is toxic.

As I listened to Dr. Tim I thought of how the raw food life causes you to think differently about food and life; this is why it can feel so challenging.  Its really a new way of living.  It's not about doing the same old thing in a different way.   

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