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Famous and Infamous raw foodists, frightened food technologists...

Breakfast- 16 oz fresh orange juice, 8 coconut date rolls

Lunch- 7 nectarines

Dinner- 1 avocado, 10 large cherry tomatoes, 1 large head green leaf lettuce

Are you inspired by a raw foodist who...

A.) Is described for an "interest in yoga, her Zen inclinations, love of natural beauty and her on-and-off raw food diet. ...at 57, she projects the energy of a much younger woman." 

or... B.) Is hawking so called superfoods as the "World's Greatest Aphrodisiac, ...at his booth Friday night" at an Erotica Expo which included "The Straight Girls Guide to Sleeping With Chicks," "A Practical Guide to Striptease" "How to Be a Dominant Diva," "strip offs," and a cheerleader tryout for "Debbie Does Dallas … Again."  Yes, famous Donna Karan and infamous David Wolfe are in the news again!

The raw food movement must be beginning to pose a threat to the food technology industry because they are starting to use typical desperate scare tactics. “[The claim that] ‘Raw is natural’ has triggered a backlash against food technology.”  They're saying that "concern is rising over the Hepatitis E virus," but get this- "there were only 10 U.S. cases last year and seven of those people contracted the disease abroad."

Frederic Patenaude says that he only as 34 spaces left in the Body Enlightenment System and that the deadline is Friday the 30th at midnight Pacific time.  He's decided to make a payment plan available which will leave you four complete months to pay for you Body Enlightenment System tuition. 

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