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Fit For Life is back...

Breakfast- 14 large Medjool dates

Fit For Life is back, but in a mainstream media way and it's not pretty.  Harvey Diamond is clearly marketing the "Diet" to sell it to the mainstream.  Forget it Harvey, Health Magazine's review butchered the diet: "While it makes sense not to chug a glass of fruit juice in two gulps, Diamond's advice about "chewing juice" so it doesn't disrupt the digestive system is beyond strange.  Is the diet healthy? Not really.  Who should consider the diet? No one.  This plan is beyond ludicrous. Dead foods? Come on."  

"Ludicrous," "beyond strange," raw foodists are used to hearing this, but this is what happens when you sell out on what you know in your heart to be true.  The problem is that Harvey is not promoting the raw food lifestyle; instead, he's offering a watered down Fit For Life lose weight fast scheme, a mere shadow of what raw foods wellness is about.  As I wrote yesterday, raw foods is about living life differently, not just finding a new fad or a new way to do the same old thing that never worked in the first place.  Does anyone know of a good PR Rep. for Harvey Diamond?  Harvey, go back to your T.C. Fry and Herbert Shelton roots! 

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 10:06AM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments1 Comment

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I read the review and I've also read his latest book "Fit For Life Solution". The people reviewing the book did a tremendous disservice. They know very little about raw food nutrition.

Actually in the review they didn't even mention which Fit for Life book they were talking about. But I've read most of them.

One can get most of the nutrients they need from fruits and virtually all their nutrients by just adding lots of vegetables. And one can easily get full eating fruit, you just have to consume enough calories from fruit. I'm just replying to some of the inaccuracies in the article.

Overall Harvey's books are quite good, even if he doesn't advocate a 100% raw food diet. He is however marketing a line of supplements these days. That is a change and an unwelcome one at that.

But overall he has good information for people just learning about raw foods. Eventually if these people are inquisitive, they'll move beyond what he teaches to a 100% raw food diet.

June 29, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterRoger Haeske

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