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Raw Food enlarges your comfort zone...

Lunch- some watermelon; mixed fruit salad w/grapefruit, shredded carrots, green grapes, kiwi

Lunch was a "let's clean out the cupboard" affair.  I'd prefer to have a had 1/2 whole watermelon but I needed to eat what I have before buying more.

Toxin Avenger is Steffie Nelson's account of her three week detox diet experience.  It was basically raw and included colonics, not exactly what I recommend.  The interesting thing is Steffie's detox symptoms, something that many new raw foodists encounter.  Steffie's included depression and rashes, and she didn't give up.  In retrospect she writes, "I’m pretty sure I did change for the better. The experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and confronted me with the bare bones of my life and who I want to be."  I've heard many raw foodist share the same sentiment.

Rush Button, a self described "ravening American Carnivore," attempted to go on the raw food diet and didn't make it.  Rush "hated the boring blandness of it and found [himself] sneaking a luscious fast food hamburger, then feeling guilt and self-reproach...." Rush's approach to raw foods was bland, read this: "My all-vegetable salad washed down with distilled water had left me feeling unsatisfied and very sorry for myself."

Rush, my man, no wonder you couldn't do it! I'm a raw foodist and an all vegetable salad washed down with distilled water wouldn't satisfy me either! Where's the fruit? Ripe mangos, watermelon, dates, bananas, papaya, avocado, grapes, cherries, oranges, strawberries- fruit is essential to a successful and satisfying raw food diet.

I just launched a Raw Dish! forum, check it out, and chat.

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